Forged Flanges, Fittings, Tubes & Pipes

KTS Energy Solutions Ltd is the appointed exclusive representative agent in the UK and the Republic of Kazakhstan of Galperti Tech Forged Products S.p.A.

Part of the Galperti Group, Galperti Tech Forged Products Spa (GTFP) is a worldwide leading manufacturer specialised in the production of forged piping equipment for the
Petrochemical and Energy industry, including subsea.

GTFP has extensive experience in supplying equipment to the main industry’s operators and engineering contractors, offering complete in-house solutions from the design to the manufacturing and testing of the products.

GTFP’s scope includes:

    • Field Development: Wye, Tees, Bulk Heads, Anchoring Flanges, Reducers
    • PLEM/PLET: Forged Rings, Ball Mis-Alignment Flanges, Connection Pieces
    • Riser System: Hanger Spool, Coiled Tubing, Riser Connectors, Tapered Joints, Goosenecks Forgings, Forged Pipes, Pad Eye
    • Pipeline Installation: J-lay collars, Buckle Arrestors, CHOCs, Centralizers
    • Special Components: Forged Pipes, Monoblock Insulating Joints
    • Forged Components: Rings, Pinions, Bars etc.
    • Assembled Components: Swivel Stacks, Utility Swivels, Chain Stopper
    • Forged Components: Shaft, Plates, Rolls, Heavy wall Forged Tubes
    • Rolled Rings Built to Drawing: Tings, Hollow Forging, Shafts Flanges