Suppression Systems

KTS in cooperation with SANCO can supply a complete range of fire and gas suppression systems.

Water systems
• Sprinkler
• Deluge
• Hydrant and indicator post
• Pumping station
• Spray (low & medium speed)
• Water mist (medium, high pressure)

Gas systems
Available extinguishing agents include: CO2 (both high pressure and low pressure), IG01 (Argon), IG541 (Inergen), IG55 (Argonite), IG100 (Nitrogen), HFC227ea (FM-200), Novec 1230.

Foam systems
• Low, medium and high expansion
• Foam package
• Foam proportioner (injection, balanced, hydraulic motor, bladder tank)
• SFSSS/E (Sanco Fixed Sub-Surface System): foam injection system for tank protection

Dry chemical and twin agent systems

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