WellHead Control Panels

The WHCP is available with a wide selection of options for single or multi-well configuration. WHCP are specifically designed using the very latest design technologies and components.


It is designed to operate one subsurface safety valve and up to two hydraulic or pneumatic actuated surface safety valves for any type of well.


It is designed with the same features as per single-well but with the possibility to control the safety valves of a number of wells.


  • Hydraulic Power Units: The HPU is a hydraulic power system that provides supply of hydraulic fluid to the valve actuator. It can be used to supply a single valve or a multi valve system or project.
  • Local Control Panels: the Local Panels are Pneumatic or Hydraulic types for the complete control of Valve System.
  • Liquid Discharge Valves


QUAM mechanical HIPPS system is a SIL 3 capable self-contained system, designed according to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards, used to protect downstream equipment against overpressure or upset conditions coming from the upstream.


For Valve, Actuator & Control System, where no external power sources are available.


  • No need to install a by-pass line
  • Independent certification: 3rd party SIL3 certificate
  • Tight Shut-off: Leakage requirements as per Class VI of ANSI/ FCI 70-2
  • Fugitive Emission in accordance with ISO 15848
  • Fast Action: less than 2 sec
  • API 6FA
  • Integrated Design
  • No external power requirements